Third Stage Carpentry

I wanted to gain more skills after working in the industry as a labourer.

My Dad works as a Carpenter and my brother is an Electrician.

Watching my dad and brother progress in their roles while I was working in a dead end job gave me the drive to achieve more.

I don’t feel singled out, I just get treated the same as everyone else.

I get to do something different every day and I really enjoy the variety that is offered to me plus, I get paid as well.

I’m unsure of what other Women think, maybe they are a bit scared to work in this role because of how it is viewed by people who don’t work in our industry. If they listen to what people from the outside say then they will never know what it's really like and how it could be the role for them?

If you like working with your hands then this industry is for you and times are changing.

The industry is more accepting of women now than it was before and are acknowledged for the work they are doing.

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