Registration for Work Experience

Young people want to experience the job role before they commit to the career orientated decisions they need to make, such as subject selection, school based apprenticeships or traineeships, university pathways and pre-apprenticeship programs.

A week or two of work experience for a high school student on a real building and construction site, working with real builders and tradespeople, is the best way to create a passion for this industry. Deciding, or realising, that you’re definitely not suited to a particular job role is just as valuable as finding a passion for it.

Do we really want young people learning about our industry from reality TV shows?

Master Builders Career Service is looking for businesses to offer work experience opportunities to high school students in your area, and we are making it easier than ever before!

Simply register your interest to offer work experience opportunities and we’ll broker a connection with your local high school careers adviser.

Registration Page for Builders Work Experience